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As long as you drive, you're guaranteed to make money. Deposited monthly to the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is 89 Media?

89 Media is a rideshare advertising company, to help drivers earn more money while driving their Uber, Ola, or other rideshare companies. Advertisers can deliver ads for your passengers to interact with while they are in your vehicle, and you earn the revenue generated by the displayed impressions.

How much can a driver for Uber or Ola make advertising with 89 Media?

We estimate an active full-time driver will be able to earn up to ₹5,000 more per month while using 89 Media, beyond their earnings from Uber or Ola alone.

Will Uber or Ola deactivate me for advertising with 89 Media?

No, you will not be deactivated. You are an independent contractor when you partner with any rideshare company. 89 Media is not against Uber policies, and drivers would not be deactivated for advertising. Advertising in your vehicle is entirely your decision to earn more as a business owner and independent contractor.