89 media

The largest rideshare advertising platform in Hyderabad.

89 Media places interactive tablets in rideshare vehicles for the entertainment of passengers

and the promotion of local businesses and brands.

Out of Home Ads Made Easy

Advertise, video ads on screens placed inside of cabs Create, target and analyze through 89 Ads app.

Think Advertising. Think 89 Media.

We advertise in rideshare cabs. Which has a low distraction & high exposure environment

Other Features

Full Screen Video

Showcase your video with full 10.1 inch screen with best video and audio experience.

Bottom Banner

End of each video view we display bottom banner for 10 seconds. Use it as CTA or any other creative ways.  

Targeted Audience

Rideshare audience are affluent, educated, young and mostly millennial's.

Real People

All ads are displayed using 

89 Media hardware and software. We run end to end systems.

All Payments Accepted

Credit cards, Debit cards, Netbanking, EMI, UPI and Mobile wallets.

Fair Price

Spend Big or Small. Campaigns can run for as little as a 10,000 views to 1,00,000 views


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Welcome to

89 ads command centre.

Create, Target, and Publish

Wherever you are, you'll have the power to create, target and publish your ad campaign with the push of a button.

Realtime Performance Monitoring

Want to keep a close eye on your campaign? No problem. Use our new 89 Ads app.

Built On An Enterprise-Grade Ad Server

Our ad infrastructure is built on a certified, trusted, and enterprise-grade ad server.

Why are we such a good fit for...

We advertise in rideshare cabs. Which has a low distraction & high exposure environment


Food & Beverages

There are thousands of Ride share passengers and they’re hungry and thirsty.


Movies, VOD & TV

Ride share passengers love to be entertained,  subscribe to VOD services and purchase tickets online.

For Rideshare Drivers

Download the 89 Partner app and sign-up. To earn extra income.


Earn Additional Revenue

from Each Ride.

Earn extra income while driving by displaying 89 media ads in your car. It's easy to get started, Download the 89 Driver app and sign-up now.

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