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I.    information we collect


A.     Information from Drivers


Drivers need to provide us with information needed to activate them as 89 Media participants and to process payments to them. This includes the driver’s name, the IP address for any device running the 89 Media platform, a W-9 form (and the information contained in that form), and sufficient information to enable us to transfer payments to your account.


In addition, 89 Media will collect location-based information whenever a driver is operating the 89 Media platform. This will include the location where any passenger trip begins, where the trip ends, and the route taken.


B.      Information from Passengers


89 Media does not collect personally identifiable information from passengers. It does collect and retain location information for each trip – the address where a passenger’s trip begins, where it ends, and the route.


The 89 Media platform does enable advertisers to request personal information from passengers. If a passenger chooses to provide that information, it will not be retained by 89 Media. The information will be collected by the advertiser and will be subject to that advertiser’s privacy policies.


II.   how we use the collected information


A.     Information from Drivers


Personal information collected from drivers will be used


  • To activate a driver’s 89 Media account.

  • To address any service issues for a driver’s account or otherwise provide customer support.

  • To address or prevent a driver’s violation of the Terms of Service.

  • To make payments to the driver.


B.      Information regarding Passengers


89 Media’s platform is designed to connect passengers with advertisers that are likely to interest them. We will use the information we collect regarding passengers’ location and trips to select the advertisements that appear during any given trip.


III.  When we share information


89 Media does not share identifying information about drivers or passengers except as follows:


  • Information will be shared with affiliated companies or partners as needed for those partners to process the information according to our instructions. This may include working with third-party vendors to provide customer service or to process payments.

  • Information will be shared to the extent required to comply with legal process, including responding to court orders (such as subpoenas) or other lawful disclosure demands from government agencies.

  • Information may be shared with our professional advisors, such as accountants or attorneys, to help us comply with security standards, accounting guidelines, or legal requirements.


IV.   how we secure information


To the extent we collect and retain personal information about drivers or passengers, we take the following steps to maintain its security:


  • We will encrypt the information.

  • We will limit access to the information to employees, contractors or other third-party service providers who need access to assist with the operation of the 89 Media platform, process payments to drivers, or perform other actions identified in this Policy. Anyone allowed access to personal information regarding drivers or passengers will be required to maintain the confidentiality of that information.

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